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i figured the movie-a-day-for-a-year thing would be a good thing to try since there are so many movies i want to watch but guess what happened yep you (prolly) guessed it i got behind instantly even though i started at the beginning of december last year yep only 62 movies in the last 4 months it’s ok though there’s like 8+ months left to catch up.  and i will catch up.  i will.  i will. i will? i. will i? will i. will.

follow to root for me and/or mock my inevitable-ish failure..

yo la tengo


( thanks ylt, you help me with sleep & smiling & everything else )


It’s a weird experience watching the tape for the Wayne’s World VHS game when you can’t actually play.


It’s a weird experience watching the tape for the Wayne’s World VHS game when you can’t actually play.

the knife!!

" without you my life would be boring "

(ramp up 6)

surfer blood!

" twin peaks "



" hi "

(ramp up to coachellaesae, 4)

the replacements!

" favorite thing "

(ramp up to c’chella, 3!)

(as with every year, i’m a little frustrated with how un-eclectic the acts i see are, but hey, i got stuff i prefer & it would be forcing it if i took in too many wub wub dj sets.  i am gonna sample that stuff at least…..would that i were brave enough to drop some psycha-d drugss, oh well..).

neko case!

" lion’s jaws "

(ramp up to cerchewllaz, 2)

ramp up to coachella (4/11!), pt. 1!

this song hit me like a wrecking ball. 

(specifically that part in the middle [purposefully vague, so you’ll watch this goddamn video]).

up so early

4 work in 2+ hrs.  contemplating drugs (i’ll probably hold off..).

AIMEE MANN & TED LEO = “the both”

this transcends super group into the ultra-rare “duper group”.  i’m excited for their album, out 4/15!

(also this American Public Media variety show, Wits, is duper entertaining & has dangerously deep youtube channel [dangerous for me, because i don’t get things done when i dive into it])

Paul F. Tompkins Will Live Tweet Esquire's Oscars Coverage


Only the likes of Paul F. Tompkins a veritable expert a live tweeting who has covered things like the Pope’s Midnight Mass wonderfully in 140 character bursts can make reading tweets about something live that you can watch thoroughly entertaining

That’s why he will be given the Esquire Twitter account this Sunday to do the same for The Oscars. So, when you’re checking the whole of your Twitter feed for funny Oscars tweets, be sure to check on Paul’s @esquiremag